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Greetings! I'm Michelle, and I'm a freelance WordPress developer based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. If you've never been, it's very nice here. We have lots of bridges for those of you into that sort of thing.

After many years working as a freelancer, I realised that creating proprietary plugins for others was never going to be as much fun as creating my own plugins that anyone could use. A minor annoyance while building a client site one day led to the idea for Easy Image Display, my first released plugin and an instant success.

Since I'm a big believer in releasing small plugins like mine for free, and free don't pay no bills, I'm currently available for freelance WordPress work. Theme and plugin development, consultation services, technical support or training, there are lots of ways I could be saving you time.

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When not writing WordPress plugins I love to knit and crochet, play video games, take long bubblebaths, eat too much cheese, and watch my Packers win American Football games. Here’s a bonus pic of me doing the Lambeau Leap.

It's a lot more precarious up there than it looks!

It's a lot more precarious up there than it looks!