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[Update] Compatibility fix for latest WooCommerce (WC Auto Category Thumbnails)

22nd October 2017    

Step 1: Release a simple plugin that just works. Step 2: Continue to check that it still “just works” every few months, just in case Step 3: After a couple of years, get overconfident and go on a big holiday Step 4: Come back to find that of course the plugin is now broken Ah, the life of a plugin developer. If you’re one of the WooCommerce Automatic Category Thumnails users that…    read more 

[Update] Formatting fixes & new styling option (Advanced Custom Tooltips)

14th November 2015    

The version 1.0.2 update has just gone live for Advanced Custom Tooltips, with vast improvements in terms of tooltip content formatting. Plugin users should be prompted to update through your WordPress admin panel soon. By request, this version also adds an option to choose a custom color for your tooltip trigger text. Also by request, a new knowledgebase article has gone up detailing how to achieve transparency in your tooltips. Next up will…    read more 

WordPress 4.3 compatibility fixes going live this week

10th August 2015    

With the release of WP 4.3 just over a week away, this week you may see new versions of my plugins bugging you to update them. So far the only affected plugin is Easy Image Display; the others should continue ticking away nicely without any intervention, but I’m still testing so if you do see a plugin update notice in your dashboard this week it’s probably best to go along with it….    read more 

[Plugin release] Advanced Custom Tooltips

27th July 2015    

Forever ago, I had an idea for a plugin that would make my blogging life much easier. For months, it was pushed to the back burner, until last week when a sudden frenzy of finishing up resulted in the first release of Advanced Custom Tooltips. As of this first version, it’s a fairly standard tooltip plugin. You can create tooltips with content such as text, images, shortcodes etc and set them to…    read more 

A new way to support plugin development

16th July 2015    

Easy Image Display, my first released free WordPress plugin, has at the time of writing over 10,000 downloads from the repository. That’s not a huge number compared to some popular plugins, but it’s a lot more than I ever thought likely for such a simple plugin. Along with the downloads came the feature requests, the support emails, the weirdly irrelevant personal insults, all of the things that anyone who has ever…    read more 

[Plugin release] WP Craft Blogger

9th July 2015    

My latest free WordPress plugin, WP Craft Blogger, has just been submitted to the repository. And it’s one that’s particularly dear to my heart. Here’s the  bumf: WP Craft Blogger allows knitting and crochet bloggers to add patterns to their craft blog using a simple interface and display them with a clean, standard layout. The current version number is 0.0.1, which as you might suspect means this is very much in beta. There…    read more 

[Plugin release] WooCommerce Automatic Category Thumbnails

18th June 2015    

Ok, so the plugin name is a bit of a mouthful. But it does, as they say, what it says on the tin. No more ugly placeholders in your WooCommerce store when you want to use categories but can’t quite find the energy to make custom category thumbnails for them. Instead, install this plugin and the placeholders will be automatically replaced with product images from that category. You can choose to use…    read more 

A working bath is totally a real thing

2nd October 2013    

Once or twice a week in our house, the same argument occurs. It goes a bit like this. Me: “I’m going for a working bath, you need the bathroom first?” Boyfriend: “No thanks. And that’s not a thing.” Me: <general rant about how a working bath is totally a real thing> Boyfriend: <disbelieving sigh> Now, he can’t be blamed. While we’re in broadly the same industry and there are many parallels between…    read more 

5 WordPress plugins to comply with the new EU cookie law

21st June 2012    

If your website uses cookies for non-essential things like tracking visitors (analytics scripts do this) or saving user preferences between visits, the new EU cookie law is something you should know about. You can read the full gibberish here, but basically what it says is that we now must inform our site visitors that cookies are in use and what we’re using them for, and give them the opportunity to opt out….    read more 

How to write a website brief

11th June 2012    

When approaching a freelancer or an agency with your website project, it’s no good just asking “how much does a website cost?”. Depending on your exact requirements and the quality of the provider you’re approaching, even for a basic 5-page small business site you could be quoted anything from £200 to 10-15 times that, maybe even more! Being as specific as possible is obviously going to be helpful, so we’ve put together…    read more 

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