Rants & Rambling

A working bath is totally a real thing

2nd October 2013    

Once or twice a week in our house, the same argument occurs. It goes a bit like this. Me: “I’m going for a working bath, you need the bathroom first?” Boyfriend: “No thanks. And that’s not a thing.” Me: <general rant about how a working bath is totally a real thing> Boyfriend: <disbelieving sigh> Now, he can’t be blamed. While we’re in broadly the same industry and there are many parallels between…    read more 

The realities of freelancing

3rd December 2010    

4 years ago I started to learn a bit of coding and thought “making money from this is going to be easy”. Just over 1 year ago things got to the point where I was skilled and confident enough to officially go freelance. As our household looks forward to a decidedly frugal Christmas 2010, looking back on a year of financial stress, awkward clients and far too little sunlight I’m asking myself…    read more 

Usability Hell, Adventures in Renting

17th January 2010    

For me and My Man (I’ve been banned from calling him The Boy), 2009 was the year of lettings websites. We must have looked at hundreds of properties on sites ranging from irritating to completely unusable, and never managed to find a single site that did it all. Local or national companies, it made no difference. They all sucked! The internet is the perfect medium for house-hunting. You can see more information…    read more 

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