Advanced Custom Tooltips

Advanced Custom Tooltips lets you create tooltips that will be automatically inserted into your post content. Tooltips can contain text, HTML, images, clickable links, shortcodes, whatever you want!

Alternatively, create a tooltip within the post editor and place it exactly where you want it using the handy shortcode.

Tooltip appearance is completely controlled through the plugin settings. Screenshots coming soon.

Upcoming features:

  • Create tooltip “templates” to make adding a new tooltip with a particular layout as quick as possible. Useful for creating multiple tooltips for similar types of content.
  • Insert Tooltip button for post editor.
  • Your feature requests welcome.

Using Advanced Custom Tooltips

After installing Advanced Custom Tooltips, you can create a new tooltip just like you’d create a new post, under the Tooltips menu item. The title will be your tooltip trigger text, and the post editor controls the content of the tooltip.

You can also adjust the settings for auto-linking behaviour and tooltip appearance under Tooltips > Settings.

Tooltip shortcode

To insert tooltips manually, Advanced Custom Tooltips provides a useful shortcode.

Display a previously created tooltip:

[act_tooltip id="XX"/]

Display a one-off custom textual tooltip:

[act_tooltip title="my tooltip trigger text" content="My awesome tooltip content. It is great."]

Shortcode parameters

Parameter DescriptionValue
idNumeric ID of an existing tooltip. If this is used, other options are not necessary.Any valid tooltip ID
titleThe trigger text for the tooltip.Any text
contentThe contents of the tooltip.Any text

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