Easy Image Display

Sometimes you need a proper image gallery to display particular images, and there are plenty of plugins for that. Easy Image Display is for those other times, when all you need is an easy way to display some random images, or X latest images uploaded to your site.

Current features include:

  • Newest, oldest, random and custom sorting options
  • Include/exclude images based on ID
  • Widget, shortcode and template tag for maximum flexibility
  • Display images at various sizes
  • Control how many images are displayed and in how many columns
  • Link images to a lightbox, or remove link entirely
  • Uses gallery shortcode so will always fit your theme

Features soon to be added:

  • Filter by attachment status
  • Slideshow layout
  • Custom image sizes


1. Upload the ‘easy-image-display’ directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Add images using one of the three methods explained below
4. Enjoy!


Easy Image Display provides 3 ways of displaying images; widget, shortcode and template tag. Each method accepts the same options and will result in the same display.


The Easy Image Display widget is the easiest way to display your images. The basic settings allow you to control image size, order and number. More advanced settings are collapsed by default to provide a simple uncluttered interface.

Choose your options, hit save, and rejoice.


To display images inside a post or page rather than a widget area, you need a shortcode.

Default settings:


Custom settings:

[sb_easy_image num="1" order="random" link="lightbox"]

Template tag

The template tag is available for users who are confident in adding code to theme files, and need to display images outside of the widget areas or main content area. The following function can be added anywhere in your theme files.

Default settings:

<?php sb_easy_image(); ?>

Custom settings:


$args = array(
"num" => "1",
"order" => "random",
"link" => "lightbox",

sb_easy_image( $args );



If you’re using the widget, the options are all clearly marked. You can’t go far wrong.

If you’re using the shortcode or template tag, here’s what you need to know:

ParameterDescriptionOptionsDefaults ( widget, shortcode, template tag)
numNumber of images to display.Any number.1, 9, 5
orderOrder displayed images by...Newest, Oldest, Random, CustomNewest (all)
sizeSize of image to be loaded. The display size will depend on your theme and number of columns chosen.Thumbnail, Medium, Large, FulThumbnail (all)
linkTarget link when images clicked.None, File, Attachment, Lightbox, URLFile (all)
urlStatic URL images should link to when "url" is chosen for link parameter.Any URLn/a
columnsNumber of gallery columns to display.Any number1, 3, 5
filterInclude or exclude images from results, or show only specified images.Include, Exclude, OnlyOnly (all)
idsImage IDs for use with the "filter" option.ID numbers, separated with a comma. ID ranges also accepted (e.g. 12-17)n/a
captionsShow image captions?On, OffOn (all)

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